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At the PSAA's 47th International Convention, held in Troy, MI and hosted by District IV, it was decided to retain the headquarters for the next three years in the Buffalo - Hamilton (Ontario) area. 
At this convention Teresa Krenglicki of Williamsville, NY was elected to head the national officers as President. She is currently President of District IX and sings with the Chopin Singing Society #219.
Adeline Wujcikowski was re-elected as General Secretary.
Adrianne Kusmierczyk, a member of Kalina Singing Society #221, was elected as Assistant Secretary.
The new General Choral Director is Dr. Thomas Witakowski. 

Other national officers elected at the Troy, MI Convention include: Vice-Presidents Walter T. Muhar,I. J. Paderewski Singing Society #275 and Janina Mazun, Symfonia Singing Society #291,  Treasurer Theresa Rogowski, I. J. Paderewski Singing Society #275, Assistant General Choral Director, Izabella Kobus - Salkin  (Jutrzenka Singing Society #226) and co-Librarians  Izabela Bozek (Jutrzenka #226) and Barbara R. Blyskal (Jutrzenka #226). (The PSAA's extensive music library will remain in Clark, NJ).

Also elected to the Board of Directors were: Frances Cirbus, Chopin #219, Frances X. Gates, Jutrzenka #226, Charlotte Harris, I. J. Paderewski #275, Barbara Olejarz, Symfonia #291, Joseph Mazurkiewicz, I. J. Paderewski #275, Gary Bienkowski, Chopin #219, Ronald Smith, Chopin #219, and Richard Ziemba, Symfonia #291.

Honorary Officers:
Bernice D. Gruszka - Honorary President                                    Barbara R. Blyskal - Honorary General Secretary                   Wladyslaw Budweil - Honorary Choral Director                                 Piotr Gorecki - Honorary Choral Director

First place tropies were presented to Filarets Female Chorus #331, a tie for first in the Male Division shared by Filarets Male Chorus #313 and Oginski Male Chorus #283, in the Mixed category, Filarets #293 who not only was victorious amongst mixed voice choruses, but was awarded the coveted Cardinal August Hlond Chalice, a trophy symbolic of choral supremacy for garnering the most points from the judges.

The next International Convention of the PSAA will be hosted by singers of District VII in the metropolitan New York area in May 2007.